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Need To Fake It Until You Make It In Nightlife? There’s An App For That

Most of us have gotten here by paying our dues. Whether we worked/paid/slept our way to the top, we put in the time and effort. We know the right people because we made it our business to know the right people.

But oh no. There is no longer a need to work hard to be on “the inside” There is now an app for that.

Enter Night Box. Here’s the gist. Night Box is an app that gives you the lowdown on the nightlife scene in New York City. For $9.99, you can get all the standard info about a club as well as the names, photos and bios for owners, managers and doormen.

Apparently promoters are keeping the night box staff up-to-date and in return, the app will tell you to drop their names at the door.