Prove your Nightlife Knowledge Contest

You think you know nightlife? Prove it and win! Tell us the names of the venues that appear in the Night Box and the City video and we’ll take you out – VIP Style!

The new Night Box is now available on the App Store! Version 3.0 for iPad and iPhone includes 20+ new features and enhancements. Download your free copy today.

We are obsessed with Night Box and already stated working on the next major version! Email us your feature requests.

We are delighted to release Night Box 2.5, a major release after less than 5 months. This version is a Universal app providing both iPhone and native iPad functionality. A brand new user-interface was designed specifically for the iPad, taking full advantage of the large screen space. Here are the new features:

  • Each city now contains thorough descriptions for every listed neighborhood, providing further insight for users looking learn more about individual districts and neighborhoods
  • A new Favorites page consolidates all user favorite lists including: venues, people, neighborhoods and genres
  • A live weather box now displays current weather conditions for each city
  • Additional settings for sorting venues by name or opening date, and option to refresh the entire Night Box data on demand
  • A streamline news feed with integration of Facebook and Twitter

Like our previous releases, this version is also a free upgrade for all existing users.

Download your copy from the App Store.

Here’s special holiday message from the Night Box team: Jingle Discoball

You know what they say: “Good things come to those who wait!” After several months of hard work, we’re glad to be releasing the second major version of Night Box, just in time for the holidays. Here are the new features:

  • Adds functionality for multiple global regions to obtain data for new cities, including London, Paris, Los Angeles, and Miami

  • Adds support for multiple Dossiers for each region to include new useful information such as facts, tips, and city events upon availability

  • Adds full iOS 4 compatibility with multitasking to return to the app’s previous state without having to reload all data

  • Enhances layout throughout the app with a brand new set of Retina Display icons

  • Adds customizable home screen by allowing users to select which components to show up

  • Adds user options to show/hide closed venues and to switch to the metrics system for calculating distances in Kilometers instead of Miles

  • Allows users to send a message directly from the app to a promoter or host for local arrangements

  • Adds functionality for users to submit tips to help keep the information up-to-date

  • Receives Twitter feeds and displays as News on home screen with an archived list

  • All doorman information are now available free of change

This version is a free upgrade for all existing users. Download your copy from the App Store.

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Young Rich and Faking It ( writes a thorough review of Night Box.


Night Box ranks second in over 7,000 apps! View the Appolicious ranking page. and Chi Chi 212 review Night Box and Chi Chi 212 review Night Box. Here’s what they said:

Need To Fake It Until You Make It In Nightlife? There’s An App For That

Most of us have gotten here by paying our dues. Whether we worked/paid/slept our way to the top, we put in the time and effort. We know the right people because we made it our business to know the right people.

But oh no. There is no longer a need to work hard to be on “the inside” There is now an app for that.

Enter Night Box. Here’s the gist. Night Box is an app that gives you the lowdown on the nightlife scene in New York City. For $9.99, you can get all the standard info about a club as well as the names, photos and bios for owners, managers and doormen.

Apparently promoters are keeping the night box staff up-to-date and in return, the app will tell you to drop their names at the door.