Night Box Featured on iTunes

We are thrilled to be featured on the Main Page of Apple iTunes App Store, both the desktop and the iPhone version! Despite the hype on iPhone 4-specific apps, iPad apps, and the remaining 225,000+ existing apps, Apple decided to feature Night Box on its homepage!
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Night Box Featured on iTunes

For the second time this month, Apple is featuring us on the Home Page of iTunes. This time under the “What’s Hot” section.
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Night Box Summer 2010 Campaign

June 21 marked the first official day of summer and here’s our timely campaign to prove it! We think it’s going to be good summer.

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Night Box: Top 500 Apps

“The app is sleek and clean as it offers an easy to use navigation screen and interface”

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Welcome to Night Box

Welcome to the Night Box blog! We are so excited to bring to you the premier app for Manhattan nightlife. Putting this app together wasn’t easy, we called in all our connections, palmed a few bills, and even forced ourselves to sip a cocktail or two. All in the name of research! That’s what’s so great about Night Box, we live it. You’re not getting just another generic club listing or a negative review from a Jersey Shore reject who got sent away. This is for real, and 100% created just for you from us here at Night Box. We’ve been in the lines (not often, but hey, happens to everyone), we’ve dropped the names, we’ve even counted the precise number of models present on any given evening.

We hope you enjoy using Night Box as much as we enjoyed researching and creating it for you. Nightlife in New York is a truly unique experience that should be enjoyed to the fullest. By sharing with you some of our experiences and network, we’re aiming to take out the tedious part of going out. No more need to worry about where to go, what’s still hot, what’s SO not, or if you’ve even got a chance in hell of getting in at all. Now you can focus on the important things, like getting your outfit right, working on your game, and bragging to your friends about what it’s really like to booty bump with Rihanna!

So live it up! Whether you’re a real New Yorker or just visiting, Night Box is there to help you maximize your pleasure. Make sure to look for us when you get inside so you can buy us a thank you drink.